Guide To The Best Mens Pyjamas in Australia

Mens pyjamas are typically loose fitting garments made of lightweight material such as silk, cotton, wool or nylon and often drawstring fastened at the waist. They may also feature kimono style sleeves with deep pockets and contrasts such as piping or vertical stripes on their sides.

Men’s pyjamas typically do not have a fly opening and instead drawstring is tied at the waist to fasten the garment. Pants are typically loose fitting and cuffed. Pyjama pants come decorated with bands of contrasting fabric, ribbon, buttons or other detailing. Many mens pyjamas feature shirt style collars and/or chest pockets as part of their design. Men’s pyjamas may also be worn together with a dressing gown for loungewear or sleepwear.

Mens silk pajamas are often considered to be luxury items due to their high material cost especially when compared with mass-produced cotton jim jams . Silk pajamas are now available as options various styles as it can make for practical, comfortable sleepwear.

Mens pyjama’s have been worn for bedwear since the time of Louis XIII where they were introduced into fashion by Spanish traders who had made their way to Asia and returned influenced by the loose fitting clothes commonly worn in Asia at the time. They evolved to be a luxury item of men’s clothing over many years with some original mens silk pajamas being housed within museum collections around the world.

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