How To Spell Pajamas

How to spell Pajamas?

Pajamas are typically synonymous with pyjamas, but in Australia they go hand-in-hand. Pyjamas consist of the top and bottom half that when worn together is considered PJ’s. “Pyjama” can also mean any clothes that resemble pajamas. Just like others, Australians wear them during the day and to bed. Australians actually call their pajamas “pyjamas” instead of using the more widely known term, which is why people may think they are interchangeable.


Where do Pajamas come from?

Pajamas, or more commonly referred to as PJ’s, are a type of clothing with origins from the Indian subcontinent. These typically consist of pants and a shirt which resemble those worn in a bedroom. Pajama was derived from “paejama”, an Urdu word meaning “leg covering”. In western culture, pajamas are worn as the clothing of the day which people either wear at home or sometimes to bed.

In recent times, PJ’s have become a symbol of comfort and warmth; they provide leisure and relaxation for wearers. They also serve as sleepwear and loungewear in places such as Southeast Asia, China and Japan due to their convenience and comfort

Pajamas are popular apparel among Australian people. While they can be worn during the day, they are most commonly worn to bed by many Australians.   

Pajamas in Australia

Many Australian fashion brands such as K-mart and Target offer a complete line of PJ’s for men, women and children. There are many selections when it comes to Australian pajamas; they come in all sizes and shapes that would suit anyone’s preference. Different PJ styles include short set, long set, footy pajamas, striped pajamas and many more. PJ’s in Australia also come in different materials and designs such as cotton, polyester and satin.

Pajama sets are popular among Australians because it is an easy option for sleepwear. A single set can be worn by anyone who wants to wear PJ’s without putting too much thought to it.

Pajama time!

Now that you know what Pajamas and PJ’s are, it’s time to enjoy them with your loved ones. Go grab your favourite pyjamas and wear them while spending time with your loved ones.

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